On Fearlessly Pursuing Her Dreams: Hanna Jobes

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We're excited to introduce Hanna Jobes in the next installment of our Changemakers in Travel series, interviews with inspiring travelers making waves around the world!

Hanna lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is headed to Paris this fall to teach English, learn French, and expand her incredible brand and travel community Based on a Travel Story

Read on for Hanna's perspective on life, travel, and going after your dreams fearlessly.

How did you start out? Tell us about yourself!

I'm currently a 22 year old travel blogger! When I was in college I was so unclear on what I wanted to do with my life. I think I changed my major about four times before finally getting my degree. I always wanted a different and more "free" lifestyle than everyone around me and it terrified me.

After I had a bad cancer scare in 2014, I moved back to Nashville, saved up all of my money and left for a month long adventure around Europe. That trip completely changed my life. I'm so happy I got on the plane and my dream ever since has been to show people it's okay to live a different lifestyle and chase after what you truly want to do. 

What drives you?

I feel like so many people look back on life and say "I wish I would have ______ ". I never want to feel that way.

There's a quote that has stuck with me for years: "You can fail at what you don't want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love." I think that speaks for itself. 

What are you currently working on? 

I'm at an incredible place in life where I am able to pursue so many new adventures. I recently earned my TEFL degree (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) which opens up a lot of doors.

I also created a travel community from my brand, @basedonatravelstory, dedicated to sharing other travelers' inspiring stories and connecting people across the world.

I am moving to Paris in August and could not be more excited to live abroad and focus on my blog, learning a new language, and seeing more of the world. I'll be expanding my brand, Based On A Travel Story, even further and I can't wait to share what all I've been working on soon!

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to do what you do?

Go for your dreams fearlessly. If you're unhappy you have the ability to change that. It will not always be easy but you have the power to redesign your life whenever you want. How cool is that?

Whether that's a bad job, city, or relationship do not waste a single second surrounded by unhealthy situations. Chase your dream life because you can have it. 

When did you start traveling?

I traveled around the United States and North American countries with my family while growing up. I believe that's what initially sparked my wanderlust. I loved going on new road trips all the time! 

We know there is rarely just one answer to this question, so: favorite place in the world (or top three) and why?


Is Earth an answer?! Seriously, just when I think I've found the most beautiful place on the planet I find another. Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Bali are definitely my favorite places! It blows my mind that places so naturally beautiful exist. 

Best airport style or travel tip?

For traveling money is usually the biggest challenge. Choose where and when you travel wisely. Go to cheaper destinations and during their off season. Some of the cheapest places I've been to are Poland, Bali, and Prague during off season.


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